Phone: 02 9871 4844 Address: 10 Taylor Street West Pennant Hills

About Our Montessori Based Pre-School Program

Our program is a Montessori based pre-school program designed for four year olds in the year prior to commencing school. Our aim is to assist each child to become a confident, independent individual with a love of learning.

It is a combination of Montessori education with a traditional pre-school program. We utilise Montessori education methods and Montessori equipment in our academic program each morning and utilise a traditional pre-school program for gross motor activities, social play, craft and themed activities each afternoon.


Introduction to mathematical concepts, counting, number recognition, use of concrete materials devised to develop conceptual understanding of mathematics

Reading and Writing Principles

Provision of a language rich environment for the development of English language skills, including verbal skills, the sounds of letters, recognition of letters

Skills For Life

Practical, real-life activities which encourage independence. Activitiesinclude cutting and serving their ownfruit for morning tea, washing their dishes, sewing, pouring, gardening

General Knowledge

Discovery of the world in which we live including geography, science, natural environment, world events, art and music

Sensory Development

Activities designed to assist the child to classify and categorise sensory impressions e.g. colour, size, shape, texture, smell, volume, taste


Fostering co-operation, sharing, patience, self-esteem and respect for each other

Enrolment Information

Enrolment is for 2 or 3 days per week and places are strictly limited. Classes start at 8:00am and finish at 3:30pm

Observation Session

When you walk into a Hills Montessori classroom, you will notice the children working independently and with minimal teacher interference and enjoying the activities, engaging in purposeful work.

We offer prospective parents the opportunity to come in and observe a class in session. Observations are for half an hour at 9.15am or 1.00pm.

To book an Observation Day, or for more information please contact us.

Enrolment and Fees

To enrol your child in the Montesorri Based Pre-School Program please click here to download the application in pdf:

Please click here to download Policy - 4YO Montessori Based Pre-School in pdf.

For our schedule of fees please click here.